James Arvanitakis | Gillard Can Win In Three Easy Steps

It is widely regarded that things can not get much worse for Labour. Assailed on all fronts, is the Government doomed to loose the next election? James Arvanitakis does not think so.

In The Punch James outlines how Labour could position itself so that it stands a chance of winning the next election; namely return to the ALP platform of social justice. Dealing with the Greens rather than the Opposition in policy matters such as refugees and climate change could help give the Government an identity, a sense of purpose it sorely needs.

Tony Abbot and the Coalition represent little in the way of a credible alternative government, James argues, and given their inherent weaknesses, a Gillard victory is not so hard to envisiage. After all two years is a long time in politics.

Read James’ article in The Punch here