Radio Adelaide Breakfast | The Dollar Value of Our Oceans

Radio Adelaide Breakfast, hosted by Tim Brunero, interviews Laura Eadie our Sustainable Economy Research Director. Tim chats to her about a forward looking research project aimed at economically quantifying Australia’s marine estate.

To hear the full interview click here.

They’re doing something really interesting over at the Center for Policy Development.

You know how Australia has the world’s 3rd largest marine estate? Well they’re trying to quantify its economic value.

Effectively putting environmentalism into the language of business. Sounds exciting but also very daunting.

The full report, Stocking Up: Securing Our Marine Economy, will be released on Monday 12 September.


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A ‘valuable’ policy viewpoint. Evaluation of an entire environmental resource: not just some parts, but the sum of all parts; into fiscal terms.
 This practice benchmarks an approach enabling management, by policy and legislative decision makers, to be both balanced and sustainable.

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