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rainbow over coastal water – image for Stocking Up reportMedia coverage of CPD marine economy report, Stocking Up – Securing our marine economy

Andrew Darby | Marine survey uncovers a deep sea treasure trove | The Sydney Morning Herald

“Building on UN Environment Program biodiversity assessments, the CPD counted up the worth of nature hidden beneath the sea’s surface. The greatest single value lay in the ocean’s use as a carbon sink. Using the Gillard government’s proposed $23 per tonne carbon price, the centre estimated Australia’s marine domain to be worth $15.8 billion.”

ABC News | South West marine assets valued in the billions

ABC News reports on CPD’s research paper Stocking Up: Securing Our Marine Economy.
Looking beyond commercial fishing and oil and gas exploration to assess the value of industries such as recreational fishing and the ocean’s ability to store carbon, CPD’s report show how critical sustainable management of the marine ecosystems is to Australia’s economic and environmental bottom-line.

Call for more marine parks | NineMSN

“…extending a proposed marine protection area to cover coastal shelf, sea grass and coral reefs could protect a further $1.1 billion in economic benefits”

Australian Financial ReviewProtection vital to securing marine wealth

“..we’ve stepped up to the challenge of managing one important marine resource – our fish stocks – better than most countries in the world. However, given that 63 per cent of the world’s stocks are overfished, that’s a bit like saying our economy is in a better state than that of Greece – true, but not very reassuring… 42 of Australia’s fish stocks are still either overfished or of unknown status – not a robust position to be in when increasing ocean temperatures and acidity are threatening to push marine ecosystems over the edge worldwide.”

ABC Rural, Tim Marshall | Australia’s oceans need to be promoted in economic terms

Following the release of CPD’s research paper, Stocking Up: Securing our Marine Economy, Sustainable Economy Research Director Laura Eadie was interviewed by ABC Rural host Tim Marshall.

The worth of Australia’s ocean resources, is grossly undervalued. Officially, they’re worth $44 billion. Healthy marine ecosystem services yield an added benefit of $25 billion. Australia’s ecological infrastructure, with the highest marine biodiversity in the world, is ”too often out of sight, and out of mind”.

ABC Local Radio Newcastle | Laura Eadie

CPD researcher Laura Eadie appeared on ABC 1233 Newcastle Local Radio this morning – interviewed by Jill Emberson –  talking about Australia’s future sustainable economy and the increasing recognition of climate change in Australian coastal planning within public policy.

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