Sydney Morning Herald | Marine Survey Uncovers a Deep Sea Treasure Trove

SMH columnist Andrew Darby Hobart covers the release of our new report; Stocking Up: Securing Our Marine Economy (available to Download here).  The article highlights the key features of the report, drawing attention to the innovative application of economic methodologies to Australian oceans in order to highlight the multidimensional value of our marine estate.

“Building on UN Environment Program biodiversity assessments, the CPD counted up the worth of nature hidden beneath the sea’s surface. The greatest single value lay in the ocean’s use as a carbon sink. Using the Gillard government’s proposed $23 per tonne carbon price, the centre estimated Australia’s marine domain to be worth $15.8 billion.”

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Stocking Up: Securing Our Marine Economy is the first in a series of reports that will look at how different sectors of Australia’s economy can benefit from policies to preserve the environment and resources that sustain them.