The People’s Daily | Australia Puts Price on Dying Oceans

Our research on our ocean wealth makes it all the way to China – The People’s Daily reports on CPD’s research paper Stocking Up: Securing our Marine Economy, emphasising its implications for Australia’s carbon tax debate.

According to Laura Eadie, “It’s not an easy thing to put a price on the value of life let alone an ecological treasure chest that sustains and if protected could sustain us for future lifetimes, but that’s what this study aims to do.”

Eadie told Xinhua that through analysis of the UN’s Environment Program biodiversityassessments, and in the face of Prime Minister Gillard’s recent pricing of carbon, the price tag of what is beneath Australia’s oceans depends on the strength of future protective modeling.

“What this means is Australia’s marine life, fish stocks and ecosystems willneed to be protected to buffer them from the risks of over- exploitation, risingtemperatures and acidity due to climate change, and pollution.”

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READ the key findings & recommendations in Stocking Up: Securing Our Marine Economy here.

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