PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE NEWS | Evidence mounts against the efficiency dividend

Agency staff report increased mistakes > A NEW survey reveals that more than 50 per cent of staff from agencies including Centrelink, Medicare and the Child support agency are reporting that more mistakes are being made because of the Gillard Government’s efficiency dividend.

Nice work if you can find it > The UK’s ambitious, well-intentioned welfare-to-work programme is struggling against the economic current. Some believe that the payment-by-results system itself is failing. Ian Mulheirn of the Social Market Foundation, a pro-reform think-tank, says the scheme is in danger of financial collapse because many contractors are missing their targets: “The only question is when ministers will face up to it.” He estimates that even the most efficient schemes can move only 10% more people to jobs who would not have found work by themselves.

Public sector ‘wary of Private-Public Partnerships’ > These are the findings of a new report by the Hay Group, entitled Relationship Counselling, which shows that six in ten public sector leaders believe the trend will harm the morale of staff, and half believe that key skills, abilities and knowledge present in the public sector will be lost.

Serco Signs 10-year Contract with Peterborough City Council > The 10-year deal, with the option of two further five-year extensions, will see all 370 city council staff who currently work in these services transfer to Serco.

Effective delivery of public services key for poverty alleviation: CS > Speaking at a one day orientation workshop of Intensive Training Programme (ITP) under the theme “Training for all” organized by J&K Institute of Management and Public administration and Rural Development here, Lal said, “Effective delivery of public services is the key for poverty alleviation since poor spend considerable time, effort, and money for finding alternative to services which ought to be provided by the government.




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