The Social Innovator Dialogues | February Festival 2012

Taking place in February across various cities in Australia, The Social Innovator Dialogues brings internationally renowned leaders in social innovation together with local changemakers, with a view to fostering a dialogue about social innovation in Australia. The Dialogues series is a joint effort by the Centre for Social Impact, the Australian Centre for Social Innovation and the Australian Social Innovation Exchange.

MASTERCLASS: Participate: the new tools of digital engagement with Richard Wilson

FREE LECTURE: The Arab Spring: What Happened, What Happens Next? with Tarik Yousef

FORUM: What’s Working? A forum on young people, skills and jobs – Presented by: Jonty Olliff-Cooper & Tarik Yousef

TBC: Serving Beyond the Predictable: A New Frame for 21st Century Public Service with Jocelyne Bourgon

This “February Festival” has three main components:

  • One is focused on Richard Wilson, founder of IzWe in the UK and a young entrepreneur, writer and thinker around the issues of citizen engagement and more open models of participation in policy and service reform.  He is running sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, where he has already started some useful discussions with the Department of Premier and Cabinet.
  • Another session will be a couple of forums featuring Tarik Yousef and Jonty Olliff-Cooper.  Tarik was the founding profession of public policy at the Dubai School of Government and has recently taken up a role as CEO of Silatech, a leading social enterprise in the Middle East with a focus on young people, skills and entrepreneurship.  Jonty is part of the leadership group at A4E, a major UK-based employment services organisation with operations now in the UK, Europe, India and Australia.  Jonty was also part of the “progressive conservatism” project at Demos in London.
  • The third piece of the Festival is a session that Jocelyne Bourgon will be leading in Melbourne, based on her “new synthesis” project.  The project, based on action research over the past 3 years in 6 countries (including Australia), is exploring new models of 21st century public administration to, as Jocelyne puts it, “serve beyond the predictable.”  She’s in Australia to formally launch the book that summarises the research program outcomes, together with her Australian partners ANZSOG and the Australian Public Service Commission.

Full details on dates, venues, and video presentations of past speakers can be found here

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I’ve only found out about the CPD from watching Miriam Lyons on Q and A.
As some of the topics in the discussions cover dissemination of information via the digital media my question is, will any of these talks ever appear on U tube?
If you live in remote areas and or can’t afford the $200.00 to attend then what other options are there. Will there be transcripts available? I’m new to this site have I missed something a link perhaps.

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