Fiona Armstrong | How Climate Change Gets Lost in Translation

CPD fellow Fiona Armstrong poses the question of why climate change denialists deny? Communications research is suggesting that a person’s political ideology has a large bearing on whether they choose to believe climate science or not. Thus the relationship between a conservative ideology and the inclination to dismiss climate science. The studies suggest that we are more likely to hunt out ‘evidence’ that one deems ‘credible’ from sources that generally subscribe to the same ideology. Even further, being exposed to more evidence that is inconsistent with your predisposition to hold that view can lead to even greater polarisation of views. Hence the continuing conflict between those who accept the science, and those who deny.

So how would one approach the unenviable process of converting a ‘denier’? It’s all about the framing. A large body of evidence is suggesting that the alternate framing of climate change data, such as on health issues and done in a positive manner, can prove more persuasive than a doom and gloom article on the predictions of climate change.

Why are political conservatives more inclined to dismiss climate science? Can one’s political ideology influence the interpretations of data?

It turns out the answer is yes

Read the full article in the Climate Spectator here

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