Dr Gunter Pauli | ABC Radio National Big Ideas

Gunter Pauli’s goal is to create jobs, achieve multiple benefits and add value to underperforming assets. All with zero emissions and zero waste. Think he’s a dreamer? Think again.

ABC’s Radio National program Big Ideas rebroadcasts inspirational entrepreneur Dr Gunter Pauli’s talk on taking green and sustainable thinking to a new level, with his ‘Blue Economy’. In his talk, co-hosted by Sydney Ideas and the Centre for Policy Development, Pauli outlines his approach to a new type of sustainability that draws heavily from both the natural world and the market place.

The Blue Economy is where the best for health and the environment is cheapest and the necessities for life are free thanks to a local system of production and consumption that works with what you have.

LISTEN to Gunter Pauli’s talk on ABC Radio National Big Ideas

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