Workforce planning for the public sector 2012 | 28-30 August

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Workforce-Planning-for-the-Public-Sector-2012-AgendaWorkforce Planning in the Big Society

CPD researcher Christopher Stone will speak on Day 1 at 11am, on the topic of, “Workforce Planning in the Big Society: How the UK Government is Dismantling the State and What it Means for Australia”

The conference and workshops will focus on three key areas:

  1. How to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs BUT balance this with reduced budgets & reduced employees?
  2. How to maintain morale during the inevitable austerity drives and how do you manage the negative flow on effects this generates?
  3. How to create a culture of innovation & satisfaction to attract and retain top talent in government positions and what are the proven methods to stop these people moving into the private sector?

Download the full conference agenda here or visit the conference website here

Blog Comments

not sure the UK government is dismantling the state, although they are trying pretty hard to knock some lumps out of it.

There is attractive language being used to promote “Big Society” such as localism and volunteerism, but it seems a fatigued community with a yawning gap between rich and poor is ill-equipped to take on the disinvestment and offloading that seems to go with it. YOuth services have certainly been hit in the UK, and profiteering in the private employment services companies a really bad outcome.

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