Christopher Stone | 2Ser, Razor’s Edge, 14 July 2012

Big Society, small government

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Chris was interviewed by James Jooste, alongside Dr John Uhr, Director of the Centre for the Study of Australian Politics at ANU, on the motivation, rationale and likely outcomes of current shifts toward greater private and community sector involvement in provision of public services, and simultaneous withdrawal of public sector funding and employment.
It’s the invisible part of government that always finds itself in hot water. State and Federal governments employ almost 2 million people providing services that are part of the framework of society. But while the glory of serving your nation may be satisfactory, job security is not. A recent investigation by media outlet says that over the past few years over 38 thousand jobs have been lost with 12 thousand planned cuts if the Coalition is elected next year. There is also increased competition from the Private sector with the NSW Government introducing private sector incentive to create a bigger society and smaller government. So what rights do public sector employees have under state and federal governments?