Jennifer Doggett & Ian McAuley | Mending patchwork reform for dental health

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CPD Fellows argue for more inclusive, comprehensive dental reform to cover the most vulnerable 

While the government’s $4bn dental health reform package has the potential to reduce waiting lists and encourage early intervention, it has been criticised for its failure to integrate dental health into the broader healthcare system, and so overcome the difficulties in delivering affordable and equitable dental care without the kind of universal support other health programs benefit from.

Co-authors Ian McAuley and CPD Fellow and health sector consultant Jennifer Doggett explain why more needs to be done to close the dental bill gap for Australians without private health insurance, who are ineligible for public dental subsidies:

“This group…is likely to include those with multiple health and social problems, including chronic illnesses and homelessness. If the dental needs of these most vulnerable groups cannot be met through this package, it fails the equity test.”

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