Report outlines importance of TAFE… | The Coffs Coast Advocate, 21 Nov 2012

Report outlines importance of TAFE in our social fabric, article by Jessica GrewalBrook Down, worker from Coffs Coast TAFE campus

Research Director Christopher Stone revealed CPD’s latest Public Service program research paper at NSW Parliament House. The paper finds that regional centres could be hit hardest if the NSW Government follows the example of Victoria and cuts TAFE budgets.

The article, which outlines the importance of the TAFE system while calling for the state government to reconsider education reforms, appeared in The Coffs Coast Advocate, as well  as the Northern Star and Northern Rivers Echo papers.

Mr Stone said TAFE provided a “disproportionate” share of benefits to the community compared to other registered training organisations. He said regional towns where there were few other education opportunities and higher percentages of the population signed up for courses, would be hit with “critical unemployment” the NSW Government headed down the same path as Victoria.

The paper urges that reforms should be based on evidence, and not simply budget savings.

Read the full story on VET & TAFE campaign, in The Coffs Coast Advocate

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