Chris Bonnor | 774 ABC Radio Melbourne, 8 January

Private school education no advantage at university say educators

Education expert and CPD fellow Chris Bonnor explains to Leon Compton  that when it comes to performance at University level a costly private school education wont necessarily beat out the public school alternative. Infact more private school students fail to complete their first year at university than students from government schools

Bonnor states that the increasing competition between schools over who boasts the best resources will have very little to do with fostering well rounded students and that parents should be wary of schools claiming to be able to outsource many of the experiences typically catered for by the family environment.

“My own kids went to the local public school and our role as parents was to give them the other enrichments of life,” he says. “It glued us together as a family.”

Listen to Chris Bonnor on ABC Radio Melbourne, 8 January 2013

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