ABC Local | 19 March 2013

CPD fellow Chris Bonnor talks equity and school education on ABC Local…

Chris BonnorChris Bonnor, CPD fellow and author of the school education chapter in forthcoming book Pushing our luck, discusses the Australian education system with Trevor Chappell and members of the public. Bonnor comments and asks questions on private and public school preferences, funding, discipline and students’ current prospects for university or industry.

“What’s happening in our schools? Are more parents sending their children to private schools? Politicians are saying education is a priority, but how effective is the education funding model? And are they doing the right thing by our teachers? Trevor Chappell discussed our schools with Chris Bonnor who is a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development and co-author with Jane Caro of “What Makes a Good School” and Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development.”

Listen to the interview of Chris Bonnor by Trevor Chappell

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