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multicoloured hands raised as if voting. Illustration © Creative Stock -- Fotolia.comCPD’s gift to the voting public in 2013…

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As we learned through our More than luck book project in 2010, election campaigns can be the best and the worst of times for progressive ideas. Politicians are on the hunt for vote-winning offerings, but are tempted to opt for cheap stopgaps in the absence of enough revenue to pay for more substantial changes. Journalists pay close attention to policy announcements, but tend to report more on the politics than the substance.

From climate change and sustainability to proper governance and strengthening our democracy, the ideas in More than luck come at the right time. – The Hon Julian Burnside QC

CPD is launching ideas that combine conscience, intellect and survival smarts. May they breed and multiply. Australia needs CPD now more than ever. – Denis Moriarty, Managing Director, Our Community

Miriam LyonsThis year CPD will provide some much-needed oxygen to ideas that are often neglected because they have long-term benefits but short-term costs, because they are opposed by powerful vested interests, or because they’re just too complex to squeeze into a 30-second sound bite. We will also keep a watchful eye on policy offerings from the major parties, and on the evidence underpinning them.

As part of our plan to give good ideas a fair hearing in an increasingly superficial and skewed media landscape, CPD will publish a book. Edited by Miriam Lyons, Pushing our luck will speak to the hopes and fears of Australians who know that the political choices they face are about much more important things than the narrow set of slogans and issues that dominate election campaigns. It will provide long term, evidence-based ideas for making the most of Australia’s strengths and facing up to our weaknesses.

Pushing our Luck is a collection of progressive ideas on important policy issues in the 2013 federal election. It presents clear, plain-English arguments and evidence for progressive change. The book contains 10 chapters by experts and critical thinkers in their respective fields. Authors have been encouraged to imagine what policies their ideal government would implement to protect Australia’s future.

To reserve your copy, email your details to: pushingourluck@cpd.org.au 


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