ABC Media Watch | 13 May 2013

OOPS! Sorry for the stuff-up

| CPD & Crikey were criticised by Media Watch for failing to include recent announcements on the Coalition’s policy in our NBN PromiseWatch piece.

PromiseWatch 2013 is a series of  ‘snapshots’ of the major parties’ policies, which CPD and Crikey are collaborating on in the lead up to the federal election. Our lovely volunteer researchers started drafting the pieces based on official party platforms and policy positions earlier this year, and we recently combined with Crikey to quickly update and publish them to provide readers with a simple, plain-English guide to what’s on offer from Labor, the Coalition and the Greens.

The article in question, which focused on Labor, Coalition and Greens policies on the delivery of a national broadband network (NBN), suffered from a bit of group-project-itis, which resulted in outdated draft being published which was based on the Coalition’s earlier policy document from 2010. After the office of Shadow Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull pointed out the oversight, the post was corrected, and is available here.

We’re sorry we didn’t get it right the first time! Each PromiseWatch piece is intended to be a ‘living document’ – if time permits we’ll keep updating them all right up to the election. You can find the rest of the PromiseWatch pieces at

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