Crikey | 2 May 2013

solar panels on suburban roofs‘The dirty secret of fossil fuels: more expensive than you think’

Going Solar the latest report from CPD reveals hdiden costs of fossil fuels and the viability of solar

This latest report finds that spikes in electricity prices will recur if we continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels, with hikes of up to $250 for the average household bill. Volatile international fuel prices and water scarcity is costing consumers while 1 million Australians are already feeling secure with rooftop solar. Costs for solar have dropped 85% in the last four years and most consumers and voters recognise renewables as the future for our energy industry.

“The fossil fuel industry must have hoped to keep its dirty laundry private a little longer: the Australian Energy Market Operator has confirmed that a switch to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 is technically viable. What the report neglected to mention is that the investment bill of $220 to $250 billion is pretty close to the $240 billion needed by 2030 if we rely on gas and carbon storage instead.”

Check out the article at Crikey| The dirty secret of fossil fuels: more expensive than you think


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