Radio National Drive budget special | 14 May 2013

john hewsonDiscussing the budget on Radio National Drive

Jonathan Green hosts CPD’s Miriam Lyons and Dr John Hewson, former Liberal leader, with input from Paul Bloxham, Alison Carabine, Dr Cassandra Goldie, John Daley, John Connor and Innes Willox.

“Treasurer Wayne Swan has handed down his sixth budget, spelling out a decade’s worth of cuts to pay for the promised Gonski education reforms and a national disability care scheme. Among its cuts, the government has axed the baby bonus. But Mr Swan says the budget will come back to surplus in 2016-17”

Miriam reasons the deficit does not warrant panic, however with high well-being indicators Australian’s need to be prepared for increased taxes to keep up high quality public services and social outcomes.

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