RenewEconomy & Energy Matters | 30 April & 1 May 2013

Going solar report, page 6Going solar: renewing Australia’s electricity options continues to feature in expert arenas…

RenewEconomy covers the report with excerpts and an article by Giles Parkinson

“Rooftop solar gives consumers greater choice over their electricity supply and more control over their bills. This introduces effective competition to retail markets for the first time. However, small solar consumers have little market power compared to established electricity retailers and ‘gentailers’, whose business models are threatened by reduced electricity consumption and lower peak wholesale prices.”

Giles Parkinson describes the importance of long term policy for Australia’s electricity system. A key component that CPD advocates for in order to help us embrace solar energy “as a hedge against volatile gas prices, and future electricity price shocks that could be caused by drought”.

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Energy Matters

Going solar also appeared as ‘Renewable energy news’  on Energy Matters, highlighting the benefits of rooftop solar and current costs to consumers due to electricity retail competition.

“The report also highlights inequities in Australia with regard to how much some solar households receive for the surplus generated by their solar panel systems that is exported to the mains grid and the continued resistance from some corners to fully embrace solar.”

Read the article on Energy Matters here

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