Radio 3AW, Drive | 11 June 2013

barbed wireWhich way forward for asylum-seeker policy?

Tom Elliott interviews CPD fellow Arja Keski-Nummi.

The hedge fund MD and radio presenter questioned Arja’s expert opinion that ‘turning back the boats’ will not stem the flow of asylum seekers and that it is important to treat regional neighbours such as Indonesia with respect and cooperation to achieve long term improvement.

As in the same day’s Sydney Morning Herald interview, Arja strongly advocated incorporating robust and respectful regional cooperation.

Arja is a seasoned expert in the field of refugee and immigration policy, having served with DIAC and in consultation with UN and other agencies for many years. As a CPD fellow, Arja  worked with John Menadue AO and Kate Gauthier on A new approach: breaking the stalemate on refugees and asylum seekers in 2011, and in the Refugee Facts online media resource which went live this year. Refugee Facts seeks to provide

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Arja Keski-Nummi interviewed by Judith Ireland in The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 June 2013

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