2ser The Daily | 19 July 2013

Ben Spies-ButcherCould higher taxes be the answer to a tight budget? …

Joel Rosenzveig hosts Ben Spies-Butcher, CPD fellow and lecturer in Sociology at Macquarie University, on 2ser’s The Daily to discuss taxation. Ben suggests that debate has led to the belief that it is nearly impossible politically to increase taxes, despite people’s reporting that they are willing to pay more if the funds go towards public service.

“Did you know that the government spends more money on tax breaks for the superannuation of high income earners than it does on government pensions for people with low incomes? Eradicating these tax breaks is just one of the ways that our government could raise revenue to fill budgetary holes, instead of merely cutting spending to much-needed government programs.”

CPD’s forthcoming book Pushing our luck will include a chapter on taxation by Shaun Wilson, Adam Stebbing, Adrian March and Miriam Lyons, entitled ‘Whose shout?’. Our authors look at the importance of taxation, and its potential for reducing social inequity and improving social mobility. Australian attitudes to tax rises are examined, and the question is posed as to whether we need to embrace the idea of increasing taxation.

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