ABC TV Q&A | 8 July 2013

Reforms, Solutions & Compromise. Miriam_Lyons_Q&A

CPD executive director Miriam Lyons weighs in on ABC’s latest Q&A.

Tony Jones hosts Shadow Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the new Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, writer and comedian Corinne Grant, editorial cartoonist for The Australian newspaper Bill Leak and our own Miriam Lyons for the panel on ABC. They answer questions on the Labor leadership reform, the NBN, emissions trading scheme and why Tony Abbott refuses to debate policy with Kevin Rudd.

Miriam was well received in the Twittersphere during and after the program, where she was hailed as  bringing a “breath of fresh air”, being “a voice of reason in the rabble” and “introducing common sense” to the discussion. Also, Miriam was unafraid to refer to the Coalition’s Real Solutions bullkit (sorry, booklet):

“It’s full of superficial slogans. You know, I think that this regulation, you know, we’re going to save a billion dollars by cutting regulation example is great. What regulation are you going to cut: the bank regulation that was so effective in shepherding Australia through difficult economic times where we, you know, ended up suffering from the global financial crisis a lot less because we had a well-regulated sector? Are we going to cut regulation of, say, installing home insulation?”


Watch the episode or read the transcript on the ABC website


Short-term thinking cannot address Australia’s long-term dilemmas – Help us look further ahead!


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Q&A was the first time I have ever heard of Miriam Lyons but I was so impressed by what she said and how she backed it up with examples based on her very wide political knowledge. None of which was ever challenged by other members of the panel. That I went back to see that I had the name right and where she has been hiding away from general public gaze as far as I am concerned. How better things would have been if Miriam had been a close advisor and speech write for Julia Gillard rather than those who held those positions.

As a father of three daughters I have long held thoughts that the world will not really become the place the majority would be happy with until women are the majority in charge of most governments.

As an old age pensioner whose donation money goes the hospitals which have kept my wife and I still alive in our eighties I am sorry that we cannot donate to such an inspirational cause.

Don Osborn

Thank you so much, Don! I will pass your comments on to Miriam.

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