Radio National Outsiders | 14 July 2013

Miriam Lyons

Political campaigns, climate change and Labor reforms.

Jonathan Green hosted a panel comprising CPD’s executive director Miriam Lyons, marketing strategist Toby Ralph and researcher, writer and policy consultant Bronwyn Hinz.

The coalition has launched ads attacking Kevin Rudd’s previous time as PM as part of their new strategy, but is the campaign misleading? Miriam discussed how ‘stimulus’ spending under Rudd helped to prevent recession during the GFC and Bronwyn Hinz pointed out that Rudd’s investment in education is important to most Australians.

Jonathan Green addressed the future of the carbon tax with the announcement that the fixed price will be dropped in favour of a floating emissions trading scheme and invited opinions on the recent Labor reforms.

“With an election date still uncertain, the clock counting down on the states’ adoption of the Better Schools Plan, national party reforms in the pipeline and squabbles over who will win preselection for Julia Gillard’s soon-to-be-vacated seat, the Labor party has its hands full.”


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