The Drum | 18 July 2013

Kevin Rudd announces plans to tighten borders…Miriam_Lyons_TheDrum1

Harsher rules on ‘economic migrants’, review of refugee convention and regional cooperation.

Miriam Lyons, executive director of CPD, joins the panel on the Drum with Katharine Murphy, deputy political editor Guardian Australia, Rowan Dean, associate editor for The Spectator, and  hosted by Steve Cannane.

Miriam debunked the assertion that most refugees by boat were ‘economic migrants’, as having no supporting evidence. The panel also addressed proposed changes to fringe benefits tax, memoirs from Julia Gillard and Simon Cox of The Economist joined to discuss the future of Australia’s economy as China’s growth slows.

“On The Drum, Kevin Rudd wants tighter rules for economic migrants, Julia Gillard has won a book deal and the Taliban defends shooting a 15 year old schoolgirl.”

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