3CR | 14 August 2013

The Problems with Property3CR-logo

Severe housing affordability pressures

Marcus Westbury of Renew Australia (and CPD fellow), teamed up with Australians for Affordable Housing‘s Joel Pringle and Prosper Australia‘s Karl Fitzgerald to raise debate and discussion on the current problems with property.

On 3CR’s ‘Renegade Economists’ program they addressed how even full time workers are struggling with housing prices. They will host a free forum event in Melbourne on the 26 August at Loop Bar to continue the discussion:

“Is Australia’s property market permanently broken? House prices are over-inflated, rents are unaffordable and thousands of shops and offices sit empty. How have we done this to our property markets and what can we do about it?”

Listen to the podcast at 3CR

Find out more about The Problems with Property forum event


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