Crikey | 26 August 2013

Why Australians should pay more tax.Fiona Katauskas cartoon for Lyons et al chapter on taxation

According to Miriam Lyons, Adam Stebbing, Adrian March and Shaun Wilson, Australians say they want improved services and greater equality of opportunity, all of which come at a cost that we should be prepared to pay. Any hint of increasing taxes is usually evokes protest, but we cannot expect low taxes, high quality public services and balanced budgets.

Crikey published an excerpt from the chapter on taxation and the need to pay for a better society in CPD’s upcoming book Pushing our luck:

“Australian taxpayers are currently paying bargain basement prices for the services our governments deliver. We have the fifth lowest taxes in the developed world. Yet we have one of the best health systems in the world and we have a better-educated population than many other rich countries. Our overall living standards are remarkably high: Australia ranks behind only Norway in the UN Human Development Index and tops the OECD’s Better Life Index.”

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