Crikey | 6 August 2013

‘Six policies we won’t be seeing this election campaign’…pushing our luck cover

Will important health issues be on the agenda?

Jennifer Doggett, CPD fellow and author of the chapter ‘Getting better: Prescriptions for a holistic health system’ in upcoming book Pushing our Luck, has added to the discussion on healthcare in the lead-up to the election. In her article Jennifer sums up six areas of health policy that we won’t be hearing about from our major parties, and explains why these issues should be addressed. Croakey, the Crikey health blog will be focusing on policies for the rest of the election campaign:

“We’re off the blocks, out of the gate, hitting the road and [insert sporting cliché of choice] in the race to determine the next government of Australia.  Over the course of the campaign Croakey looks forward to bringing you some insightful commentary and critiques of the policies the parties will bring to the election table and analysis of what this might mean for our health system.  We welcome and look forward to your contributions and feedback as well in what we hope will be stimulating and diverse coverage which goes beyond the narrow focus of the mainstream media.”

Improving Australia’s healthcare services demands structural changes, in Pushing our Luck Jennifer describes how we can create a ‘best-case scenario’ for healthcare.

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