Larvatus Prodeo | 16 & 19 September 2013

Blogging on: Pushing our luck… 

With the launch of CPD’s new book Pushing our luck editor Miriam Lyons MC’d a panel discussion with Professor John Quiggin, Mark Bahnisch and Jesse “sweary website” Richardson.

Pushing our luck is full of ideas that focus on long term policy for building a better society from a range of expert authors.

“An excellent event. Panelists and Mark were on good form.”

Jesse Richardson, creator of that ‘sweary’ website in the lead up to the 2013 election shared his thoughts from the panel discussion on Larvatus Prodeo. He explains how smart ideas such as those in Pushing our luck need to be spread using a creative approach in order to reach people.

“Ideas such as those put forward in this book are vital for progressive politics, and now is the perfect time for us to be championing such ideas; but realistically very few politically disengaged swinging voters are going to read it. However, that’s not to say that the ideas, research, insight and wisdom that went into writing it are irrelevant to them. It just means that we need to take great ideas like these, spread them among the progressive movement, and find ways to communicate them that will cut through, resonate and stick in people’s minds.”

Read Jesse’s thoughts from the panel discussion

Miriam Lyons guest post at Larvatus Prodeo

Pictures from the event at Avid Reader’s Facebook

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