Open Forum | 16 September 2013

Agricultural productivity depends on food sustainability.CPD Sustainable Economy Research Director Laura Eadie

Can Australia grasp the big opportunity presented by rising food demand?

In response to the global food boom Australia needs to focus on practices improving productivity, it is not enough to specialise in products or simply increase intensity of production. CPD’s research director Laura Eadie discusses the future of Australia in the high demand world market and what problems are faced. Laura explains how important food sustainability is in agricultural productivity.

“Previous innovations have significantly improved land management practices and agricultural productivity. No-till cropping, developed to reduce soil erosion, has been widely adopted. Precision agriculture techniques are increasingly used to improve the efficiency of use of fertilisers and pesticides.

Rapidly identifying and scaling up the next generation of sustainable farming systems and agricultural practices could see Australia both increase the value of agricultural exports AND benefit from sharing that technology with the rest of the world.”

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