The Canberra Times | 14 September 2013

Political disaffection

Single-issue party success stems from electoral processes AND voters’ opinions

In an article from The Canberra Times Crispin Hull discusses research by Ian McAuley that found a correlation between low education and a higher vote for the minor parties. It is not just the preferences and a change to the senate voting system needed, the major parties need to win back favour with people who are expressing political disaffection. Ian McAuley, CPD fellow, discovered the trend using census data for those with year 12 or higher educational achievement.


“…lower education also correlates with a lot of other things: lower incomes; poorer health; social exclusion; geographic isolation. These things are also associated with political disaffection. Without compulsory voting, perhaps these people would not have voted at all. But dragged to the ballot box this time, they rebelled against the traditional institutional framework of the major parties in greater numbers than ever.”


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