NUW Anti-Poverty Week | 13-19 October 2013

The National Union of Workers – Anti-Poverty Week 2013

anitpovertyweekNUWPoverty affects more than a million people in Australia and more than a billion people worldwide. During ‘Anti-Poverty Week’ Australians are encouraged to organise or take part in an activity that will help reduce poverty. The event aims to educate on people the causes and consequences of poverty as well as encouraging research, discussion and action to address the problems. This year Miriam Lyons and Lisa Heap will speak on Friday the 18th of October at the event in Melbourne. Miriam is the editor, and Lisa a chapter author of CPD’s recent book Pushing our luck that is full of progressive ideas focused on Australia’s future.


Southern Cross Station, Melbourne


Friday 18, October, 2013. 8am – 9am. 


Emma Kerin
P: 03 9287 1872


This is a FREE event open to the general public

More information on the Anti-Poverty Week website with a full calendar of activities

Learn about Lisa Heap’s chapter in Pushing our luck and order your copy

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