Renew Economy | 2 October 2013

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University of Melbourne Festival of Ideas

Miriam Lyons, executive director for CPD attended this years ‘Festival of Ideas’ hosted by the University of Melbourne. The event is about calling on big and small ideas to address society’s problems, including climate change. CPD’s recently released book Pushing our luck edited by Miriam Lyons contains the chapter  ‘Climate change: reconnecting politics with reality’ by John Wiseman. Miriam and John joined a panel at the Festival of Ideas titled ‘Imagine 2033: How We Achieved A Healthy and Sustainable Post-Carbon World’. Sophie Vorrath at Renew Economy outlines some of the ideas put forward from the panel:

“Miriam Lyons, the executive Director for the Centre for Policy Development, imagines an Australia where newly formed political parties like the Electric Motoring Enthusiasts Party, are helping to fund an upgrade to the smart grid.”

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