The Lamp | October 2013

How ‘efficient’ are cuts to public service?TheLampChrisStone

Often the term efficiency is used to mean cuts, but when cuts start costing as much as they saves there is no efficiency. CPD’s research director Christopher Stone addressed the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association at their annual ‘Professional Day’ on what these ‘efficiency’ cuts really mean for the public sector. It is often short-term narrow minded thinking that politicians have when promising a reduction in the public service to increase efficiency and reduce spending.

“Christopher Stone says our public services do a lot for us and there needs to be a consideration of results as well as resources when considering privatisation or outsourcing.”

The October edition of The Lamp outlines Chris’s points; what cuts in the past have meant for public service, and the important services that are being provided. If the Liberal government goes too far with cuts there will be decline in the quality of medical services, education and infrastructure, not increased efficiency.

Read about ‘efficiency’ and ‘cuts’ in The Lamp (pages 28-29)

Or find the article at NSWNMA

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