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PL-on-LatelinePascal Lamy interviewed for key late night audience

Extremism and anti-Europe sentiment in EU Parliament elections

Pascal Lamy’s Australian speaking tour, as hosted by CPD, coincided with contentious elections in Europe.

Mr Lamy was interviewed by Emma Alberici on key ABC current affairs program Lateline. Pascal Lamy predicted that the EU Parliament will remain strongly pro-European despite rising antipathy from “significant voices” such as France and the UK. He warns that these European elections are not national ones and we “should not extrapolate these national results to the European level”.

PL on Lateline

Mr Lamy also stressed the need for better global governance mechanisms at the local level.

We need more global governance, but we recommend not to put all our eggs in global institutions. It sometimes is more efficient to localise globalise problems than to globalise local problems – Pascal Lamy

Access the recorded interview on ABC iView.

Pascal Lamy is the former Director General of the World Trade Organization and chairs the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations. He is in Australia for the launch of the Commission’s report Now for the Long-Term – which investigates global governance structures which could better address intergenerational issues and a more sustainable, long term policy approach. 


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