Julian Burnside AO QC awarded 2014 Sydney Peace Prize

John BurnsideCongratulations to CPD Patron

For his contributions to human rights advocacy, CPD patron Julian Burnside AO QC has been selected to receive the 2014 Sydney Peace Prize by the Sydney Peace Foundation. His work can be seen across a wide range of fields; from representing those suffering from government abuse of power to advocating Australia’s international law obligations towards asylum seekers.

Jane Singleton AM, the Director of the Sydney Peace Foundation said:

“Julian Burnside is a splendid choice.  All nominations were remarkable people doing extraordinary things in a myriad of ways, but the Jury chose Julian Burnside for his unflinching advocacy and commitment.”

Julian had this to say regarding his selection:

“I am deeply honoured to be selected to receive this year’s prize, especially in a year when Australia’s reputation is being tarnished by its intentionally harsh treatment of asylum seekers. I have long admired the work of the Sydney Peace Foundation. It continues to advocate for human rights and promote peace.  It helps keeps our focus on the importance of the rule of law, the need to treat all human beings with compassion and the need to ensure that human rights are respected.”

The award will be presented at the 2014 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture at Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday 5 November.

For more information, visit the Sydney Peace Foundation website


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