Depts of Communication and Environment | Policy Reflection Forum | 9 July 2014

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PS Innovation Month 14… Part of Innovation Month ’14: ‘Empower, Collaborate, Transform’.

Innovation Month 2014 (7 July–1 August) is a practical exploration of innovation for members of the public service and its partners. It is about sharing ideas, experiences, techniques and challenges.

CPD’s Christopher Stone will present to an audience of public servants from the Departments of Communication and Environnment, at the Policy Reflection Forum on 9 July. He will specifically examine two case studies underpinning recommendations in his recent report, F​alse economies: unpacking public service efficiency.​

  1. Cross-agency teams (as used to facilitate responses to child abuse and neglect by SCAN teams). Although historically used to promote coordination, this approach could provide a very effective stimulus to innovation.
  2. Policy ‘wiki’ (as successfully implemented in Alberta, Canada). This is a novel consultation process, which uses an online platform to allow citizens and public servants to collaborate directly in the production of a Social Policy Framework.

Christopher Stone speakingChris will explore how these examples of innovative practice in other jurisdictions can provide learnings for new and effective ideas in an Australian Public Service context.

In keeping with the forward-looking theme, and particularly in keeping with the concept of dynamic efficiency, the presentation will be delivered using the latest video conferencing facility available to the agencies.

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