Sunshine Coast Daily | 26 June 2014

Fiona Katauskas cartoon: 'Good news'Report: Audit ignores public sector’s wider value to society

Senior national affairs journalist Daniel Burdon reported that False economies: unpacking public service efficiency, the new report from CPD’s Public Service Research Program, found that the “analysis behind more than 16,000 jobs to go in the Commonwealth public service has ignored the true value of employees’ work”.

Report author Christopher Stone said while the budget assumed smaller government was always more efficient, it did not assess how to achieve government’s aims while minimising the cost of staff and resources.

The short but incisive coverage appeared in several regional newspapers on the east coast, including Fraser Coast Chronicle, Ipswich Times, The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), Gladstone Observer, The Northern Star (Lismore), Toowoomba Chronicle and the Warwick Daily News.

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