Renew Economy | 1 August 2014

Queenslanders want renewables to become the ‘norm’installing solar panels - image courtesy APVI

Renew Economy recommends Centre for Policy Development

Queenslanders are in support of renewable energy after consultations with 80,000 people found most had a goal of renewable and alternative energy becoming the norm. There are few large scale renewable energy projects Queensland despite the state boasting the most rooftop solar PV and now Queensland residents are telling government they want renewables to be a part of the 30-year “Queensland Plan”. The Newman Government up until now has shown little support of green energy catering to State owned fossil fuel generators Stanwell Corp and CS Energy who want an end of renewable support schemes.

“The Queensland Energy Minister, Mick McArdle, said in his submission to the RET Review panel, that efforts to reduce emissions should be delayed until the state is rich enough.

So, how will the Newman government respond to the desire of its constituents expressed in the Queensland Plan?

The document includes some suggestions about how Queenslanders can “turn their ideas into action” and “make our vision a reality”.

Specifically, the document recommends:

“Subscribe to local and international think tanks and keep up to date about alternative energy solutions and environmental issues.””

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