ABC Rural Radio: Queensland Country Hour | 8 October

Caroline HoisingtonCPD marine economy fellow interviewed on new CPD Report: Net advantage.

ABC Rural Radio journalist Harry Crawford interviewed Caroline Hoisington on the impact of marine protected areas (MPAs) in far North Queensland.

Over 35% of the Australian fisheries are classified as overfished, subject to overfishing or with uncertain stock levels. A recent study of Queensland‟s red throat emperor fishery showed that management targets can be both economically and environmentally optimal if combined with a no-take reserve. Furthermore, a 15-year study into a South African endemic seabream fishery found that the introduction of an MPA benefitted the adjacent fishery. While CPD’s interest in the report was ‘no take zones’, MPAs also have areas that allow recreational fishing and some commercial fishing. No take zones create spillover benefits, meaning bigger and higher quality catch in nearby areas. This can mean increased value of catch achieved for the same amount of effort (fuel, labour and time).



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