McLeod discusses CPD’s response to the IGR on Sky News | 3 May 2015

Travers McLeod recently appeared on Sky New’s Saturday Agenda to discuss CPD’s response to the IGR in Budgeting smarter, not harder: the failure of long-term thinking in the 2015 Intergenerational Report.

McLeod highlighted the conversation deficit between the conversation Australia needs to have on the key challenges that will position us for the future and the conversation that we are having.

McLeod discussed how the pathways envisaged by the IGR are illusory, overly punitive to low-income earners and pass rising costs on to states. As part of his consideration, he noted also that the IGR missed the beat on core challenges vital to intergenerational wellbeing.

As part of responding to revenue difficulties, McLeod reiterated the importance of a frank conversation about the balance of taxes and concessions that apply to wealth, capital, land, labour and consumption.

Watch the interview, provided by Sky News, below:

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