The Longest Conflict included as key reading by US Center for Climate and Security | 23 July 2015

The CPD’s recent report on climate change and security, The Longest Conflict: Australia’s Climate Security Challenge, has been included in The Center for Climate and Security’s summer reading list.

The Longest Conflict, which sits on the reading list alongside the likes of UK Foreign Commonwealth Office reports and G7 commissioned reports, draws on extended interviews with senior military planners and security strategists in Australia and from around the world.

It finds that Australia is critically underprepared for a coming climate security crisis bound to have disproportionate impacts in Australia and in our immediate region.

The report can be accessed here: The Longest Conflict.

The Center for Climate and Security is a non-profit policy institute based in Washington, which draws from an advisory board of senior retired military leaders and security professionals.

It considers ‘climate change, in both scale and potential impact, … a security risk that will affect our most basic resources, from food to water to energy.’

The center observes that ‘national and international security communities understand these risks… but progress in mitigating, preventing, preparing for, and adapting to these risks will require that policy-makers, thought leaders and the public take them seriously.’

The Center advises Australian audiences to not wait for summer before reading the report.

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