The Two Admirals: rare insight from world experts on climate security

CPD’s report The Longest Conflict highlighted the significant impacts that a changing climate will have on Australia’s human security, including how it will affect our defence force and its ability to respond to scenarios at home and abroad.

The report was launched by two of the world’s experts and chief advocates on climate security – former Australian Defence Force Chief Admiral Chris Barrie and former UK Climate and Energy Security Envoy, Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti. Between them, Admirals Barrie and Morisetti have almost 80 years of military experience and international security.

In the video extracts below, recorded at the time of the launch, Admirals Barrie and Morisetti discuss the seriousness of the security threats associated with a changing climate, identify some of the key risks ahead of us, as well as advocate for immediate policy action by Australia and its allies and partners.

The Admirals reflect on the major themes and conclusions from CPD’s report The Longest Conflict – starting with the importance of acknowledging that climate change represents a major strategic threat, and planning accordingly:


Admiral Barrie discusses particular security vulnerabilities that Australia could face in the long term as a result of a changing climate:


Rear Admiral Morisetti discusses the role that the private sector could play as part of a multifaceted response to climate change and sustainability concerns:


To see the full video, click here.

For more on the The Longest Conflict, see the CPD round-up of media coverage here.

Admirals Barrie and Morisetti are teaming up again this week in Canberra to launch the Climate Council’s new report Be Prepared: Climate Change, Security and the Australian Defence Force, which you can read here.

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