Menadue and Keating’s new book Fairness, Opportunity and Security: Filling the Policy Vacuum

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACPD founder and fellow John Menadue and former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Michael Keating launched their new book Fairness, Opportunity and Security: Filling the Policy Vacuum. This book is a collection of the special policy series of blogs that was published earlier this year.

Topics include Democratic Renewal, the Role of Government, Foreign Policy, the Economy, Retirement Incomes, Population/migration/refugees, Communications and the Arts, Security – internal and Human Rights, Security, Health, Development of Human Capital, Environment, Indigenous affairs, Welfare and Inequality.

Among the authors are Ken Henry, Ian Marsh, Stephen FitzGerald, Cavan Hogue, Richard Butler, Stuart Harris, John McCarthy, Andrew Podger, Julianne Schultz, Kim Williams, Susan Ryan, Michael Wesley, Jennifer Doggett, Glen Withers, Chris Bonnor and Ian McAuley.

The book was launched by Fairfax economics columnist Ross Gittins. Gittins described the book’s contribution to robust conversation about policy at this time as unique and indispensable.

“All the pieces in the book are, in fact, invited contributions to the special series John and Mike Keating organised earlier this year on Fairness, Opportunity and Security. The 48 articles are still accessible on John’s blog, but as an oldie who usually prints off internet articles to be read on paper rather than screen, I hope this project of turning them into a book will make them even more accessible and more widely read. They certainly deserve to be.

In view of this policy vacuum needing to be filled, it’s really great to have John providing this new platform and encouraging former bureaucrats to use it. Never has their contribution been more needed. We independent media commentators do our best to evaluate the government’s performance, but there’s nothing like a former bureaucrat to be able to see through the smoke and mirrors and decipher the true position.”

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