Fellow Ian McAuley sets out the negatives of neo-liberalism for modern democracies

CPD Fellow Ian McAuley discusses the challenges that will face our new government in an era of instability, due to both domestic politics and macroeconomic forces of globalisation.

Writing for New Matilda, Ian explains our current global economic system and our precarious place in it with an outline of the history of post-war capitalism and its transition to elitist neo-liberalism. What was once a policy and ideology that benefitted all, economic openness and free trade has become fundamentally unfair. We are seeing the large-scale political retaliations in Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. Ian warns that Prime Minister Turnbull and his team must be weary of the rising backlash against globalisation and economic openness and include those in society who are being left behind.

Read Ian’s analysis here.

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