Fellows Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepard demonstrate the inconsistencies in school funding in new essay

Following the release of their number crunching report on the unfairness and inequalities of our current school funding system, CPD Fellows Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepard implore education ministers to review the evidence for reform.

Bonnor and Shepard once again use data mined from the MySchool website to illustrate the stark contrast across state borders in funding levels, and how they relate to socio-economic advantage in neighbouring schools. There is a demonstrable public-funding gap which favours richer schools over poor. The schools which receive more funding are not to blame for this asymmetry, and in short, our current system is in a ‘state of chaos’ lacking logic and consistency. Bonnor and Shepard cut through the extensive commentary on school funding levels and state the reasons for a needs-based funding model. This is “everyone’s mess” and needs to be urgently addressed by our Education Ministers.

Read their full essay here.

Read their full report Uneven Playing Field: The State of Australia’s Schools here.