Fellow Mark Triffitt on what Trump’s rise and fall means for US politics

While the successful candidacy of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump may appear to be increasingly unlikely, his rise and appeal to tens of millions of supporters remains an area of great concern for Fellow Mark Triffitt.

The post-Trump reality of American politics will be defined by an “entrenched and potentially toxic” divide between the Establishment and Anti-Establishment. Looking beyond the results November 8 election, Mark worries about the “new post-Trump breed of leaders”. This new class will emerge from grass-roots politics and be far more competent at expressing and sustaining the discontent of American populism.

Mark delves into American populist movements from the 20th century and firmly places the isolationist movement Trump has been leading in a dark historical context. Mark’s conclusion is concerning, for democracy and the world- “What we could be seeing is the emergence of fascism – American-style”.

Read his piece in The Conversation here.

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