Fellow John Menadue recounts immigration policies of PM Fraser on ABC’s AM

On Saturday CPD’s founding Chairperson and Fellow John Menadue AO spoke with Elizabeth Jackson on ABC Radio AM programme, commenting on recent remarks by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton about “mistakes” made in immigration policy under Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

John was the head of Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet under Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcom Fraser, and also served as Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs in the early 1980s. John outlined the history and realities and of the refugee and migration policies in this period, stating that “the contribution that Malcolm Fraser made has strengthened the country”. Recounting some of the issues and difficulties that accompanied Australia’s migration program from the 1970s to today, John said “since we’ve ever had migration, there have been problems” and every migrant group faced unique challenges and complexities. John argues that it is unfair to highlight particular individuals or groups to discredit others or migration itself.

Listen to the interview and see a transcript of the discussion here.

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