Second Meeting | Council on Economic Participation for Refugees | September 2018

Key documents:

The second meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees was held in Fairfield, NSW on 12/13 September 2018.  Fairfield is a primary settlement location for a large number of refugees each year and is home to a significant number of services and initiatives which aim to help refugees settle quickly and integrate fully into Australian life. We were pleased to hold our second Council meeting in Fairfield with the help of the Fairfield City Council and local service providers.

The objectives of the second Council meeting were to:

  • Develop a more detailed vision for a place-based approach to refugee settlement and economic participation
  • Explore how the review of Australian employment services might result in new approaches to better support refugee job seekers, including through the use of place-based approaches
  • Hear from a number of leading Australian employers as to how they are approaching the recruitment and retention of refugee job seekers
  • Understand the additional challenges often faced by refugee women with respect to economic participation and how these might be overcome



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