In a Class of Their Own | SERIES | 2018/19

In a Class of Their Own is a series of discussion papers to extend CPD’s research on a more equitable school system, exploring different facets of how Australia’s contemporary school system segregates and divides students, families and communities, and concentrates disadvantage.

While the papers include a brief discussion of policy implications, the series is not designed to offer specific policy recommendations, but to explore different factors that increase segregation.

The first paper, A Creeping Indigenous Separation (Feb 2018) by Chris Bonnor, Christina Ho and Garry Richards, focused on disadvantage related to Indigenous students.

The second paper, Institutionalised Separation (Jul 2018) by Christina Ho with Chris Bonnor, looked at inequity within selective schools and their impact on other schools.

The next paper in this series will be Paying for Class: How Australia abandons its struggling schools, by Chris Bonnor.

The overall finding for this series is that inequality is increasing in Australia’s schools and is setting up a system of winners and losers – disadvantage is becoming concentrated while advantage is being segregated out through choice.

Discussion Papers

  A Creeping Indigenous Separation, Feb 2018 Institutionalised Separation, July 2018  




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